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In New Zealand acupuncture has been covered by the ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) since the 1990’s. Both members of the New Zealand Registered of Acupuncturist and NZ Acupuncture Standard Authority are accredited to be ACC providers.  They are providing acupuncture treatment for people who have had injuries.

Please note that the acupuncture provided under ACC can only be provided for treatment related to the injury and the rehabilitation for that specific injury. This means that you can’t have any other personal health issues treated with acupuncture under the ACC system. Only the injury can be treated.
There are many different types of injury that are covered by ACC and acupuncture including for example back sprain, tennis elbow and calf sprain. Please ring to discuss if your type of injury is covered by ACC with acupuncture.

If your injury is more than one year old, prior approval to be covered by ACC will need to be confirmed. This will involve an initial consultation and assessment from the acupuncturist and forms and copies of notes will need to be sent to ACC for approval and this can take some weeks.
Depending on what type of injury you may have, ACC will cover you for a specific number of acupuncture sessions. For example a back sprain may have up to 16 acupuncture sessions covered by ACC and acupuncture before prior approval is required to apply for an extension of treatment.
With any injury, it is necessary that you see your doctor first to have the problem diagnosed and assessed and the injury recorded into the ACC system for future reference and billing requirements.
There have been many research projects on the efficacy and benefits of acupuncture in the treatment of various injuries and you are invited to go the research section of this website for further reading.
Many patients have successfully tried acupuncture as a last resort after conventional drug therapy and physiotherapy have failed to give a result.



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