acupuncture used in Emergency of the U.S.
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Abbott Northwestern is the first hospital in not only Minnesota, but the country, to offer acupuncture in the emergency room.

At this hospital, in the heart of the city, emergency room doctors treat almost 50,000 patients a year according to Dr. Christopher Obetz, and lots of patient took painkillers who already have addictions will come to acquire additional pain medications.

That led Abbott Northwestern to launch a first of its kind study to determine whether acupuncture is effective when used in addition to, or instead of, painkillers.  

Jeffery Dusek is the lead researcher at the hospital Penny George Institute of Health and Healing. Since the study started in 2013, a majority, 89 percent of 850 patients have been willing to give acupuncture a shot.  In 2013, 99 did.  That number more than tripled in 2014 to 371, then scaled back to 245 in 2015.  Dusek noticed something important that they were seeing less use of opioids in the ER when they are receiving acupuncture.

Dusek says 20 percent less, saving the hospital a lot of money.  What is more, some patients leave the ER without a prescription at all. 

Acupuncture in the ER can be a one-time fix, or it can become ongoing treatment.  When a patient leaves, they can get a referral to the Penny George Institute, it is an outpatient clinic, or folks can go to any of the 584 licensed acupuncturists in the state.


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