PRO Acupuncture has been in Dunedin for One Year
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Since firstly open in April last year, PRO Acupuncture team has devoted ourselves into health care service of our Dunedin community. Now PRO Acupuncture has established three branches, located in Hanover Street, Mosgiel and Port Chalmers.
All our acupuncturists are qualified ACC provider with a degree of bachelor or above and provide a good quality of care in an alternative way.  From this year, we started to provide herbal medicine prescription and herbal granules to the public.
In order to thank for the community’s support, our team decide to provide a discount price for the service we provided

  • Acupuncture (one session) plus herbs (three days): $65
  • Acupuncture ACC treatment: free for the first session

Our team can help you with

  • Various kind of body pain including neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, hip pain, tail bone pain, knee pain, ankle pain and post operation recovery
  • Numbness and swelling of the body
  • Other pain related symptoms such as period pain and migraine
  • Emotional stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia
  • IVF support treatment
  • Chemotherapy support

For more information please feel free to ask.

Phone: 03 4740030
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